Thankful for Suffering?


Whether we like it or not, Suffering is an intrinsic fixture of life. Like it or not. We all will encounter suffering in this sin-tainted world. We would not choose it. It chooses us and enters our life unbidden and at the worse of times. All of us as human beings will face suffering so how do we choose to face into those dark passages in a way that is fruitful?

Though times of enjoyment are wonderful and please do savour these as much as you can. Yet, the most growth in your life do not come from these, but from times of suffering…challenging us to the potential of development…to rise up and be stretched to overcome.

Think of a painful memory for you. What made it difficult? What produced suffering for you? The actual incident or the self-talk and meaning you attached to it often from your conditioning and…

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Patiently waiting?

Lenten Lands

My love has is gone away in Lenten lands
Gone far away and clean forsaken me
And will she perish in those desert sands
Or will she turn again and come to me?

I brought her out of Egypt in her youth.
She come to me when we were on the run.
She tires of freedom now; she tires of truth
And seeks for something new under the sun.

The time of year is come when all things turn.
The sun returns to warm the wintery earth.
The land revives the plants and seedlings yearn
Towards their rich beginnings and their birth.

And will she turn and or will she turn again?
I hold my arms out wide upon the tree
And will she see me yearn to her through pain
And turn again and turn again to me?

The grapes are swelling on the fruitful vine.
The figs are ripened low upon the bow.
I break the bread for her and pour the wine
And all I am is turned towards her now.

Music by Steve Bell; Lyrics by Malcolm Guite
From Pilgrimage by Steve Bell

Patiently …definition: “in a way that shows tolerance of delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious”

Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling …calling oh sinne

r …come home

Can this be you? can this be true?

Jesus, like the wintry land thawed again by your rays of sunshine so my heart is being melted by your glowing ardorous warmth. Why is it that we run away from you? why do we forsake you? why do our hearts grow so cold and hard? why do we stray away …turning to our own efforts like jumping on our own horses and riding away from your love? Why do we forget of how you brought us out of slavery? why do we turn away and back to bondage? and then only in almost perishing , do we return?

Such pathos…I am deeply moved to think of how you wait for us loving us yet patiently holding us in your heart when we are so untrue to You. I was touched by this via How God Waits

and the song embedded called Lenten Lands by Steve Bell with words (Poetry) by Malcolm Guite….it brought a warming of my heart and reignited love and hope in my heart.

Can it be true that you wait for me to return and turn to you in such a way?

Love is patient. Love is kind.

Can’t remember the originator of the source of this quote: “Love can wait; lust can’t” but I have seen it over and over in human relationships, the lack of patience and when things do not go as desired, then the resentment and lack of kindness… so much so that I have become cynical to how much of what people purport to be “love” in human love is really love.

“Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds nor bends with the remover to remove” Shakespeare said yet can anyone find this kind of love on earth?…can there truly be such a love…a love that is that true?

Yet to think about a God who has the power to change everything in the Universe according to His every whim and wish not removing us after we had rejected Him, spurned His love and wounded His heart. Reflect upon Him not using His power to end this ruined creation and us who destroyed it; yet, instead waiting hundreds and thousands of years to gently draw us, invite us, woo us into trusting that He truly loved us…not because He needed us or wanted something from us or could not do without us.

Only as we viewed the cost of His willingness to go the full extent of keeping His covenantal love. Only “read” and comprehend the object lesson of His sacrifice. Only touching the wounds and scars as Thomas did. Only the outstretched arms of merciful forgiveness gave us evidence enough to believe that His love was unconditional and faithfully covenantal….steadfast…sure to endure.

Jesus, I want to turn to you with all my heart, to stop looking for the love I yearn for in lesser loves, but over and over again you know that I still give way to the desire for human love though it has proven over and over to be a broken cistern that can not hold water and leaving me forsaken and thirsty. Will you still receive me in my returning…can it be true that you have never stopped loving me? can you take me in your embrace again and hold me?

Deep calls to deep within me. I pray with the poem “Batter my heart….take me to you” I yearn to be true to you, but it seems we need you to captivate us and yet you want us to choose you freely. Transform my heart, Jesus, so that I can be true to you and be faithful to you. I say Yes to returning to you. Take me to you my true and only faithful love.

You opened your arms wide for me upon the tree and you broke the bread of your body and poured out the wine of your blood and now I run to you Jesus for you to hold me. I feed upon the nourishment of your body and drink the new covenant of your blood and ask that you help me to be true to you because in return, i love you who has been forever faithful, loyal and patient. You have waited for me and I see the extent of your love and can believe. I am coming home to you my only true love.